Triumph and setbacks

310216 TRIOMPHES ET REVERS (Triumphs and setbacks). Adorned round brass box holding 24 battle scenes pasted back to back that were originally linked by a cloth ribbon (missing here). On one side the French victories, on the other the English ones. Lid and bottom of the box are illustrated by 2 allegoric pictures under glass: Jupiter accompanied by Mercury strikes Napoleon with a lightning so that he falls from his quadriga into the waters / Neptune together with Mars and his acolytes points to a departing ship on the horizon, obviously the Bellerophon. Hand-col. copper engraving and color aquatint. 76 mm (battle scenes), 82 mm (brass box) und 94 mm Durhmesser (outer box). Circa 1815.
The battles: Arcole / Vimeira, Pyramides / Passage du Douro, Caire / Talavera, Marengo / Busaco, Ulm / Badajoz, Austerlitz / Albufeira, Eylau / Ciudad Rodrigo, Friedland / Vittoria, Madrid / Pampelune, Wagram / St Sebastien, Moscowa / Toulouse and Moskou / Waterloo. The brass box is kept in a round wooden case lined outside with red leather, inside with pale silk, with the above mentioned title on the lid.

Folding mark at a battle scene, the white margins somewhat soiled, the leather of the outer box partly damaged.

$ 2,094.26

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