Rare russian domino from 1911

011634 Card Factory of the Imperial Educational House, St. Petersburg. Fortunetelling cards (Russian proverbs and sayings). Design: Nikolay Filippovich Petrov (1872-1941). 36, complete. Chromolith., enhanced with gilt, 78x78 mm, round corners. Backs: Overall regular pattern of adorned circles, white on red background. 1911.

Lit.: Peterhof 67.

Picture dominoes. The 36 square cards are divided by the 2 diagonals in 4 numbered triangles, each showing half of a picture. This results in 72 pictures showing people, animals, landscapes and objects. The rules of the game assign interpretations to these pictures in the form of Russian proverbs, 4 per picture, depending on whether the completed picture is upright, upside down, right or left. Our booklet provides the text for the first 56 pictures (an English translation is available on request). N.F. Petrov was an academic painter who won a gold medal at the International Art Exhibition in Munich in 1908.

6 cards with small damages in one corner, 11 cards with missing parts in one corner, with the damaged and makeshift with tape „repaired“ booklet of rules (title page and other pages missing), otherwise slightly worn.


$ 1,415.04

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