Brocade paper J.Köchel, Fürth

310146 Maker: Johann Köchel, Fürth (c1682-1726). Brocade or Augsburg paper. The left & the right halves of a sheet. Ornamental work of interlacing bands & acanthus leaves, in the middle under a canopy, an arrangement of flowers, below it, at an angle, a bird & a cup of fruits; at the top, in the middle, a face with a feather hat. Signed at the bottom. Background embossed and punched in gold, stencil-colored sheet. 351x200 and 335x198 mm. Backs: Plain. Circa 1720.
Lit.: Haemmerle [1977] 79 var., ill. 75 p. 87.  
The paper has been colored in white, red, orange, lilac, green and yellow. To complete the sheet, a narrow strip of 1-2 mm only is missing between the two halves.
2 additional strips attached at top and bottom of the left piece, horizontal folding mark going through the middle, very good conservation.

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