Andreasmarkt in Wiesbaden

310374 GAMES Otto Maier, Ravensburg. Jahrmarkt. Wiesbadener Andreasmarkt (Fair. Wiesbaden’s St. Andreas Fair). Kaufhaus (department store) Führer, Wiesbaden, Kirchgasse 8. Illustrated box with the game board pasted on folding cardboard. Joined are 5 large and 20 small cards, 8 (instead of 9) dice (“3“ missing), 2 small colored tin plates and the instructions. O. M. R. Nr. 57 58. Design: Henry Albrecht (1857-1909). Color lith. 198x377 mm (box), 348x349 mm (game board), 179x105 mm (large cards), 100x85 mm (small cards). Backs: Without imprint. 1896.
Elaborate game, complete except for a die and a medal for the “Direktor“ (director or game master). The large and the small cards (these are numbered from 1 to 20) illustrate attractions of the fair (Punch and Judy, organ man, tightrope walker, shooting gallery, magician, photographer...) In addition to the usual 6 dice, there are 3 with only one round field in red, green and white. The name on the lid could be changed for different fairs, so here we have Wiesbaden with advertising for Kaufhaus Führer (Caspar Führer department store, founded 1877). The cover is signed “O. M. Rvg.”, the rule was printed by A. Dölter in Emmendingen.
Box somewhat damaged, the leaf with the rules folded, creased and with small tears, otherwise very good conservation.  

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