Preliminary drawing for gobelin "Türkenstück" 1724

French oracle from 1880

Satirical sheet Prince of Wales

Felix the cat

Rare russian domino from 1911

sheets from a sample album for children’s games 1950

Ask the oracle

The deceived lover

Mock card from Dobbs London

Bitter nasty mock card

Mock card "Poor daddy"

Mock card Dandy

Copper engraving circa 1660

Devotional picture circa 1690

Designs for wall decorations

Frans Buffa en Zonen - young north Holland woman

Frans Buffa en Zonen - young Frisian woman

Lottery to military service 1836

Billet for the lottery to military service

Cottage in the countryside

Landscape near Worcestershire

Visiting the fortune teller

Erotical anamorphoses from Leo Cantini

Louis Moe - Grisaille drawings 1930

Bodekessel and Rosstrappe

Resort Alexisbad 1850

Nikolskoe near Pfaueninsel

Mägdesprung in former days

Wernigerode Market place circa 1850

Pictorial sheet with different birds

Pictorial sheet with poultry

Cuirassier of the Guard

Alexander II Emperor of Russia

Caricature of a glutton

It's coffee time

Pictorial sheet "Various"

Pictorial sheet with different birds

Colorful medley of birds

Pictorial sheet with 20 different butterflies


20 rectangles with domestic (goat, weasel, roe deer...) and exotic animals.

Domestic and exotic animals

New illustrations of the natural history of birds

16 birds

various buildings and animals

Children's toys village

Eine Stadt

Das Berliner Tivoli

"Zum Rössli" in Switzerland

Critical tableau of Europe

Georges Redon: Polichinelle dances

Napoleon shortly for Waterloo


General Pichegru

Movieposter "Death comes from across the sea" GDR 1982

Movieposter "Klondike Feaver" GDR 1981

Movieposter "What, you don't want it?" GDR 1980

Movieposter "Malevil" GDR 1982

Movieposter "Tightrope walkers" GDR 1981

Movieposter "Gamble for the queen" GDR 1981

Movieposter "Shag, the dog whistle" GDR 1982

Movieposter "Snow Drop and All-Rounder" GDR 1984

Movieposter "The Salamander" GDR 1983

Movieposter "All is strange" GDR 1982

Movieposter "Highpoint" GDR 1982

Movieposter "The umbrella case" GDR 1983

Movieposter "The Three Musketeers" GDR 1977

Movieposter "Nukys Adventures" GDR 1978

Market-woman, uninhibited

"la belle madelaine"

Two countrywomen

Street vendor

5 musicians in a row

French army

General staff of Garibaldi

Pictorial sheets

Pictorial sheets

Pictorial sheets

Pictorial sheets

Pictorial sheet

Pictorial sheet

Picture of emotional contemplation

Scenes from the Franco-Prussian war

Excessive politeness

Drum major of the Austrian army

Grenadier of the Austrian army

Austrian soldier standing at attention

Austrian officer

Austrian army