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Wine list spring 1938

Henry Walters Catalog

Drinking cup of paper pulp

Penny, Scott and Francie

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Germany's fruit varieties

Menu card Privilegierte Scheiben-Schützen Gesellschaft

Two Amazone color card for faux silk stockings of Wilh. Hering, Wien

Faux silk stockings

About us and our love for antiquarian paper

Welcome to Cartobook and Fine Memories

Here in our chamber of wonders in Ediger-Eller on the Moselle, collectors can take a close look at coveted objects such as coloured and brocaded paper, picture sheets and merchandise catalogues, valentines and city roses, and whatever else counts as ephemera. Four years after our launch, we are now expanding the range to include the Second Life section. Together with the artist Cornelia Kurtz, we are gradually showing old treasures such as labels, travel brochures, cinema tickets and other items from the everyday life of past generations in a new guise. They now have a fresh and modern look as if they had just been created. In our blog you can learn more about Cornelia Kurtz and her workshop. Please have a look.

The jewellery collection Yoschko Paper + Pearls has also moved to the new section. Here playing cards from Cartorama, our second antique shop, get a Second Life as one-off pieces of jewellery. Every single necklace is unique and once used, each design is returned to the archives, never to be seen again. https://youtu.be/iD_o2EZCv1A

And now we wish you relaxed, peaceful holidays and all of us that we do not lose confidence in this world full of uncertainties. Above all, that this murderous war may finally come to an end and that the people in Ukraine can breathe a sigh of relief. We do not give up hope.

Best regards from Jean Darquenne and Angela Joschko

More about us on YouTube:https://youtu.be/cEODhNm2HF8