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Paper collectibles, historical books, antiquarian games, pictorial sheets, valentines, scraps, paper dolls, Biedermeier cards, paper peep shows, illustrated fans... all this and much more belongs to the wide field of paper collectibles and ephemera, those fragile witnesses of the past, some 150 years and older. A small miracle that these vulnerable treasures of everyday culture have survived until today. In order to ensure that they will still delight the collectors of tomorrow there is - since 2019 - "Cartobook and fine memories", the young offshoot of the antiquarian bookseller "Cartorama", specialist for modern and historical playing cards, founded 25 years ago by Jean Darquenne. Together with Angela Joschko, he enters with "Cartobook and fine memories..." the stage for ephemeral things from a time when paper, printed, embossed, folded and painted, was a precious luxury article and gave a touch of exclusivity to everyday life.