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About us and our love for antiquarian paper

Cartobook is not just an online antiquarian bookshop. Since April 2021, collectors have been able to browse at will in our "Wunderkammer" in Ediger-Eller on the Moselle.

Four years after our launch, we are now expanding the range to include the "Second Life" section. Here you will find all those things that have no great value, but are far too charming to end up in the trash. Bookbinder Cornelia Kurtz dresses them in new clothes. They look as fresh and modern as if they had just been born. Read more about Cornelia Kurtz and her workshop in our blog.

The jewellery collection "Yoschko - Paper+Pearls" by Angela Joschko has also moved to the new section. Because this unique jewellery gives playing cards a second life, namely those that find no mercy before critical collectors' eyes. If you click on "Archive", you will discover the incredible variety they contain. The objects there are no longer available, but they are nice to look at. More at: https://youtu.be/iD_o2EZCv1A.

Yoschko - Paper+Pearls" from Cartorama. Cartobook and Cartorama are siblings. Jean Darquenne founded the antiquarian bookshop for playing cards almost 30 years ago. He is known worldwide as an expert on historical as well as artistic and modern playing cards. Have a look at www.cartorama.de. We look forward to your visit.

Jean Darquenne and Angela Joschko

Want to see more? https://youtu.be/l4EVPKnYNsU