Meggendorfer's International Circus

German torpedo boat

German warplane "Biplane"

German submarine

Express mail steamer "Fatherland"

various buildings and animals

Cut-out sheet "Dorf"

Germans House on the Schwalm

Chinese shades

Home sweet home

Singhalese hut

The Kaiser’s Yacht „Hohenzollern“

Crip from "Das Rauhe Haus" Hamburg

Wooden box from 1780

The Tree-of-Life Tarot

The little ladies oracle

The prophecies of the little gipsy

Card Oracle Carmen

Fortune-telling deck

Gaebler's put-together map of Europe circa 1900

To whom belong head & legs?

The potash game for young and old

Crip circa 1870

Crip from Schwager & Steinlein Nr. 6170

Crip from Schwager & Steinlein Nr. 6168

Crib J.F.Schreiber 0790

Crib II Pestalozzi Verlag

Crib Pestalozzi Verlag

Parisian Dominoes "Frog or Butterfly?"


Crazy figures

At the fair

A Puzzle-Picturebook

Game board on chintz paper

Lottery "Each draw wins"

"Little animals"

Running man and walking horse

Template for a wheel of life, Zoetrop

A sheet to be cut into a flip-book?

Imperial game of the goose

Any questions?

Pictorial sheet "Various"

Penny, Scott and Francie

Tina and Tanie

Bridal Cut-Outs

Bride and Groom

Ginny and Amy

Bridal party


Baby Brother

Pelikan snaps!

Little lottery

My words - your words

"Economists go to work!"

Mignon Golf

Cut-out sheet "Crip" JF Schreiber 7167

The game of the goose