Fine memories....

Declaration of love to Gertrude Bachman

"Music in thy footsteps"

Greetings to Emily

Greeting card " art all to me"

"A constant Heart is mine"

Valentine to Mrs Lemons

Valentine for Henrietta

Valentine: Vow of love

Valentine circa 1870

Bag for knickknacks

Elaborate folding letter

Folding letter from 1830

Germany's fruit varieties

Faithful friendship never withers

Dedicated to friendship

Pop-up-card with two sceneries

Greeting card with feathers and grass

Unusual greeting card

Greetings for My Dear Young Friend

Greeting card

Greetings from Father Christmas

Merry Christmas

Views of Gdansk 1895

Enchanting album of friendship

Folk patterns from Ukraine

Scrapbook for a teacher

Funny album

Models for Drawing

Models for Drawing

Travelling book for a journeyman carpenter 1847

Travel album of a Silesian family 1832-1883

Protestant baptismal record 1828

Special box

Protestant baptismal record 1835

 Protestant baptismal record 1818

Triumph and setbacks

Devotional picture - The crucified Jesus

Stoneware punch bowl 1930

Dedication booklet 1796


Poem for the patron

Ausstechschule by Helene Hahn


Fortune-teller from Limoges

Nicolas Marie Songis des Courbons

"Dear parents...."

Unusual box


Wooden box from Switzerland

Collection of algae

Wooden box with straw inlay works

Ladies party

"Beloved Elli...."

Celluloid card

Congratulations Wedding

Congratulations Communion

Souvernir Lourdes

Maria Kevelaer

Embroidery Sankt Gallen

Vivatband for Grandpa