Everlasting flowers

Calendar 1927 "Viel Glück"

Calender 1850

Large certificate of birth 1799

Peepshow "Nürnberg"

Kitchen peepshow

King Winter

Two Amazone color card for faux silk stockings of Wilh. Hering, Wien

Faux silk stockings

15 different works of interlaced paper stripes

Flechtschule à la Fröbel

12 months in transfers


Transfer pictures

Eastern bunny pot pourri

Caricatured figures

Victorian New Year card

Family idyllic place


Farmer family

Bar mizvah

Cards celebrating April 1

April 1

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Young woman buys a greeting card

Feast of Tabernacles

Jom Kippur


Kapores 2

The little boy representing peace

Baby Moses

Samson's death 1

Samson's death 2

Bunches of roses

Flower children


Picture puzzle

Advertising cards "prank"

Fold-out card "young bride"

Mechanical card clown

Mechanical card apple thief

Mechanical card with elegant young lady

The raven and the fox and the cheese

A stressed servant

The trial

The fox and the grapes

Breton costumes

Hansel and Gretel

Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White united

Country houses

Snow white - Scrap

Sleeping baby

Sleeping blonde

Scraps of fairytales of Grimm Brothers

Pop-up picture A christmas Tale Vojtěch Kubašta

23 heads of Santa Claus

Embroidery pattern M. Levy from 1830

Embroidery pattern of Luise of Palombini II

Embroidery pattern from Luise von Palombini

Devotional picture on parchment

Brocade or Augsburg paper

Sheet of brocate 1780

Augsburg paper from J.W.Meyer

Augsburg paper

Brocade paper J.Köchel, Fürth

Pop-up Book A Christmas Tale Vojtěch Kubašta

Callingcard Josip Broz Tito

Jocular ducks

Blaubart - the story of the women's killer

Bull-fight circa 1820

Death of the Archbishop of Paris 1848

Revolte of the Hereros 1904

Russo-Japanese War - Liaujang

Russo-Japanese War

Large certificate of birth 1804

Mary's Assumption circa 1700

Important law of public education 1795

A tour through Maggi-Werke

Calendar "Ankerbrot" 1910

Pocket calendar Italy 1938

Calendar 1918

Pocket calendar Rimmel 1978

Pocket Calendar 1872

Fan Bremen

Wrapper La Rosa de Malaga

Wrapper for "The Newcastle Rose"

Wrapper The Newcastle Rose

Wrapper for Rose "Maria Zell"

Wrapper Rose de Maria Zell

Wrapper Rose Switzerland

Wrapper Rose Schweiz I

Rosa di Milano: Three of the nine Muses (Melpomene, Euterpe and Thalia) and 4 cherubs among grape vines.

Wrapper Rosa di Milano

Wrapper for "Göteborgs Ros": Gustav Adolf II standing between the arms of Göteborg and Sweden.

Wrapper Rose of Göteborg

Wrapper Rose of Rio de Janeiro

Wrapper Rose of Amsterdam

Wrapper Rose of Istanbul

Wrapper Rose of Nice

Wrapper Palestine Rose II

Wrapper Rose of Montevideo

Wrapper "Rose of Rohitsch", Inscription in blue and red.

Wrapper Rose of Rohitsch

Wrapper of "Rose of Rohitsch", inscription in green and pink

Wrapper Rose of Rohitsch

Umschlag "Thüringen Rose Nr. II"

Wrapper Rose of Thuringia II

Wrapper of "Rose von Thüringen Nr. I", the Goethe-Schiller monument from Weimar, left and right the heads of Wieland and Herder.

Fan Rose of Thuringia I

Wrapper of "Rose von der Umgegend von Wiesbaden", Inscription in copper red under the crowned arms of Nassau in silver.

Wrapper for Rose of Wiesbaden

Little Pocket Almanac for 1737

Everlasting calendar


ABC- and name book

Friendly little man

Gauloises for non-smokers

Drinking cup of paper pulp

Album "Der Frundschaft heilig"

Album of I.P.H.

Family album "Grandma Teubner"

Autograph case

Autograph case with algae

Family register Franz Stahl

Friendship album from Coburg

Autograph case from Ansbach/Germany

Album from Iserlohn/Germany

Costume of the Swiss canton Zug

Dedicated to friendship

Album from Switzerland

Viennese silhouettes

A little bird flew to me

Cloister Einsiedeln Switzerland

Heart-touching poem

Source of friendship for the mind