Wooden box from 1780

310292 GAMES Wooden box, painted inside with red matt color and outside with red lacquer. It contains 4 smaller boxes for game chips. Their lids have round ivory dials, on which the French suit-signs are engraved and correspondingly tinted. The dials have a trapeze-shaped opening, they can be turned by use of a small knob and let appear the numbers I, 2, 3 etc. to X. The lids are adorned with an artistic pattern of flowers in gilt and green, they are attached by ornated brass hinges to the body of the boxes. The arched lid of the bigger box is also garnished with a gilt chinoiserie. An etching is pasted in the inside of the lid, it is signed „AD“ and inscribed „No. 14“. It shows a landscape with animals and 2 persons. 190x150x50 mm (big box), 85x60x20 mm (the small ones). Circa 1780.
A fine tear at the dial of hearts, an old repair at the knob of clubs, a small fissure in the top right corner of the lid, otherwise very good conservation.  

$ 1,754.65

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