Wine for good purpose

There is something else that Corona has done:

Our wine production "Cartovin" is just practising the role backwards. Bottle after bottle of the 2018 wine, which we bottled only a year ago, we are currently pouring back into the tank. Sounds absurd, but makes sense. Because there is a lack of disinfectants in pharmacies and hospitals in our area. Profit sharks are exploiting the shortage and selling ethanol at exorbitant prices. Pharmacists paid 26 euros for one litre.

A distiller from the region wants to put a stop to this. He has called on the winegrowers to supply what they can spare. We and our friends from the Freiherr von Landenberg winery, under whose flag we sail as amateur winemakers, are there. We will take 3000 - 4000 litres out of our assortment. Half is already done. The distiller Hubertus Vallendar distils pure alcohol from the wine and enriches it with hydrogen peroxide, glycerine and distilled water according to a WHO recipe. He passes this disinfectant on to pharmacies - at normal market prices.

We (and the Freiherr von Landenberg winery in Ediger-Eller) do not do business with it. On the contrary. We're going for it. Because it's only 25 cents a litre. But the feeling of making a contribution to the fight against Corona cannot be outweighed by money.


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