Illustrated wine price list Rüdesheim 1895

310407 MENUS AND TABLE ACCESSORIES Ducal Nassau Cabinet Cellar and Joh. Bapt. Sturm, Rüdesheim. Illustrated wine price list for original bottlings from the Ducal Nassau Cabinet Cellar (Herzoglich Nassauischer Cabinetskeller). Sole authorized seller: Joh. Bapt. Sturm, Rüdesheim. 4 sheets, illustrated with the crowned Nassau coat of arms. 280x185 mm. Circa 1895.
The wine list starts with the vintage 1706 (!), it ends with 1868. The Duchy of Nassau was incorporated by Prussia after the German War in 1866. At the time of our list, Adolph van Nassau was already Grand Duke of Luxembourg (reigning in Nassau from 1839 to 1866 and in Luxembourg from 1890 until his death in 1905).
Very good conservation (stains imitated in print, especially on the first and last pages).  


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