Travelling book for a journeyman carpenter 1847

310473 Travelling book for the journeyman carpenter Conrad Michel from Zwesten, district Fritzlar. 8 n.n. pp., including a two-page frontispiece, 64 pp. and a distance table folded several times. Marbled paper covers, handwritten title („Wander=Buch“) on front cover. Woodcut and type. 168x106 mm. 1847.
Handwritten document filled out in brown ink, sealed and stamped several times, including a Kurhessian tax stamp No. 4 at 5 Silbergroschen. Issued on February 15, 1847 for travelling within Germany and abroad, with the exception of Switzerland, Belgium and France, first valid for Bremen and stamped by the police there back to Kassel on September 4, 1847. After that, the owner Conrad Michel, born August 19, 1829, height 51 - 5 1/2 - II (?), hair blond, eyes brown, beard still missing [...], has documented on pages 13-34 and 37-38 from May 1847 to March 1858 (self- calculated), his expenses, income, working and free days. He is repeatedly sent to Kassel in the Totengasse, buys nails, a wooden gold strip, „Spiretus und Polletur“ (spirit and polish), „rebarirt“ (repariert = repairs) a mill, spends his money with tobacco and at the „Cermeß“ (Kirmes = Kermis)...

Binding rubbed and rubbed, partly soiled, the right side of the distance table torn off.

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