The Tree-of-Life Tarot

007108 Rufus Camphausen & Apolonia Van Leeuwen (printed by Dik Al). The Tree-of-Life Tarot. Design: Rufus Camphausen & Apolonia Van Leeuwen. 78 + EC, complete. Screenprint, 117x75 mm, square corners, 1 index mark. Backs: The goddess Isis with the head of an ibis, gilt on dark-blue background. 1981.
Lit.: Kaplan III 641; comp. DSM [1988] 138, Fournier III SWI 258.
FIRST EDITION, numbered by hand. On the box: „A Limited Edition of 200 and 22 Decks printed in 12 colors. PRINTED IN THE NETHERLANDS 12-Color-Silkscreen-Print by Dik Al.“ The deck combines the 22 trumps of the tarot with the 22 Hebrew letters, as well as with the planets, the signs of the zodiac and the elements, and so connects Tarot, Kabbalah and astrological symbolism. Trumps, backs and box are enhanced with gilt.
Slightly damaged OSlipcase, mint.


$ 362.25

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