The little ladies oracle

004356 L. Joly, 19 Quai Saint-Michel, Paris. 36, complete. Line block, 76x54 mm, square corners, 1 index mark. Backs: Plaid, green.
Maker’s name on no. 2. Circa 1890.
Lit.: Comp. D’Allemagne I 471, Hoffmann/K [1972] 68, BN [1984] 132; Cary coll. 228.
New edition of a deck created shortly after 1800 and called „Petit Etteilla“ or „Le Petit Oracle des Dames“ (The Little Ladies’ Oracle). All cards are illustrated with symbolic pictures, some are taken over from Etteilla himself, e.g. his „Prudence“, here as „Sagesse“ (wisdom) on No. 3. Joly was quite active in the last decade of the 19th century, he has among other things also published plans of Paris and pictures of Félix Vallotton.
A slight folding mark in a corner of 1, a folding mark at 19 and 27 (manufacturing defect), slightly worn.

$ 407.53

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