The game of the goose

310032 Maker: J.W. Spear & Sons, Nürnberg-Doos. Das Gänsespiel [The game of the goose]. No. 549. Illustrated box with folding game board, 6 gaming pieces (geese) seemingly made of plaster on colorful wooden round disks, 4 illustrated cardboard plates for the chips, 1 cardboard dice box, 3 wooden dice and 25 game tokens (cardboard, stamped to look as small copper coins). Chromolith. 420x641 mm (board). Backs: Plain. Circa 1925.

Lit.: Spear [1997] pl. 12 var.

The board shows dulcet, yet realistic scenes of the dealings between geese and mankind, specially children. The Dutch rules are pasted on the inside of the lid over the German ones.

Box damaged and partly repaired, the wooden stand and a iron leg of a goose missing, a small repaired tear at the rim of the dice box, the game board etc. in very good conservation. 

$ 169.81

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