Source of friendship for the mind

310028 Maker: Christian Eisenmann. In an oval framed by roses: 2 naked cherubs lie in each other’s arms next to a small waterfall, tabbed as the source of friendship for the mind (“Die Freundschafts=Quelle für den Geist.“) Design: Christian Eisenmann. Watercolor and ink. 129x118 mm. Backs: Plain. 1799.

Very fine, fully achieved drawing, signed, dated and inscribed with a distich by the artist: „Ob ich zwar schon der Erste bin, Setz ich mich doch ganz hinten hin“ (Although I already am the first, I’ll take a seat at the very back). C. Eisenmann was the (talented) home artist of Joseph Eder’s art dealer’s shop (Eder’sche Kunsthandlung), „Zum schwarzen Elephanten“ (At the black elephant), am Graben, Vienna.

A small defect in the right border, gilt edge, very good conservation.


$ 328.29

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