Revolte of the Hereros 1904

310171 PICTORIAL SHEETS Maker: Camille Burckardt’s successors, Weissenburg (Alsace). Aufstand der Hereros in Deutsch-Südwestafrika 1904 (Revolt of the Hereros in German Southwest Africa in 1904). No. 1796. Battle scene. Stencil-colored lithography. 341x432 mm. Backs: Plain. Circa 1904.
The company was extant under the name of „Druck u. Verlag v. C. Burckardt’s Nachf., Weissenburg (Elsass)“, i.e. Printed and published by C. Burckardt’s succ., Weissenburg (Alsace), from 1889 till 1906. C. Burckardt had taken over Wentzel’s factory in 1880 and run it until his death at the end of 1888.
Slight vertical centre-fold, small repaired marginal tears.

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