Travel album of a Silesian family 1832-1883

310477  Travel album of a wealthy Silesian family from Waldenburg near Breslau (Wrocław), created between 1832 and 1883. 104 pp. filled exclusively with pictures. Leather binding with blind-stamped ornaments and golden ornaments on both covers, gilt edges. Pencil, aquatint, some hand-col., steel engraving, Baxter prints, hand-col. and color lith. 232x285 mm. Crica 1850.
The location to Waldenburg is possible because a lithograph by S. Lilienfeld, Breslau, is titled by hand in pencil: Waldenburg, our house. Siegfried born, 1848 and then also 1851. The first dated image is a pencil drawing of the Rolandsbogen (1832), the most recent shows traced flowers, dedicated by Lonni on 12/24/1883 „meiner lieben Großmama“ (to my dear grandmother), the latter possibly being the one who created the album. There are pretty views of the Rhine, Dresden, Oswitz and Lohe Castle near Breslau (also a pencil drawing of Lohe, signed „Heinrich v. Ledebur fec. 1846“, the later Prussian general?), of Lake Como and Lake Maggiore (both: Genevresi e Vallenzasca), Milan, Venice, Florence, a watercolor of flowers by Laskar Bogdan, Odessa, 1846, an illustrated poem by Holtei, „Für die Verwundeten“ (For the wounded), as the only echo of the Franco-Prussian War 1870/71, many colored lithographs of the Düsseldorf School of Painting, probably from different volumes of the Düsseldorf Künstler-Album, published 1851-1866, 10 Baxter prints...
Further: Rheinstein castle, Chillon castle, Isola Bella, Heidelberg, Rolandseck, Nonnenwerth and Siebengebirge, Godesberg, Mannheim, Walhalla, Wartburg, Teplitz, Liebenstein and Sternberg as well as Die Marksburg and Braubach (published by Victor v. Zabern in Mainz), Pisa, Naumburg, Marienbad, Crystal Palace, Neu-Eberstein and Ebersteinburg, Tegernsee, Soolbad (saltwater spa) Königsdorff-Jastrzemb.

Binding rubbed, some pages torn, 4 pictures missing, but overall impressive compilation.


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