Protestant baptismal record 1835

310466 Protestant baptismal record, cut out and painted. The wishes are in a wreath of numbered hearts around the central circle with the name etc.: „Hans-Peter ist dein Name. Im Ewangelischen Kirche zu Wingen, den 26 Sehlmonat Anno 1835“. 210x210 mm. 1835.
Dedicated by „dein aller getreußte Pfetter und Pettel Hans und Dorothea Meyer“. „Sehlmonat“ (only the „l“ is not sure) is perhaps a local spelling of Sellemonat, which would be February. „Pettel“ is probably the feminine form of „Petter“ = Pfetter = godfather. Wingen is near Wissembourg, north of Haguenau, just before the German border.
2 faint folding marks.


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