Pastoral idyll

310198 A pastoral idyll: shepherd and shepherdess are sitting under trees and looking at each other, around them sheep and a dog. He is playing the pipe, she is holding the shepherd’s crook. Under the scene are wild animals, boars and stags. A whole sheet. Color woodcut. 370x475 mm. Backs: Plain. Circa 1780.
Lit.: Haemmerle [1977] color plate XVII (after p. 160).
Haemmerle writes on p. 155: „Auch die Niederlande [...] können prächtige Kattunpapiere aufweisen, z. B. das reizende Schäferblatt um 1780 [...]“ (Also the Netherlands were able to issue gorgeous chintz papers, e.g. the lovely shepherd’s sheet from about 1780 - our translation).
4 small holes in the borders (3 in the lower part, 1 top right), very good conservation.


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