Our first "Riesling Spätlese"

Here it is, the first wine of our young career as incidental wine-growers. A 2017 Riesling from the steep banks of the Moselle. The vines were pruned, the grass cut, the grapes harvested, all of it in uphill handwork with a troup of good friends, pressed and finally the wine was elaborated by prizewinning cellarer Daniel Theisen from Nehren, the adjacent village.

Hear what he says, that demanding connoisseur with Parker's Wine Guide under his arm.

Edwin Bloemsaat, The Hague:

"Mineral, rich, fills the whole mouth and goes softly down the throat. Of a fine, intense yellow color with a very nice balance between sweetness and acidity. A bliss in one's glass with a good potential for the future."

But tell me, who wants to wait one or two years? (By six in a box 1 bottle is 1 Euro cheaper.)

The 2018 vintage will soon be coming up from our site "Ediger Osterlämmchen". It will be created by the new cellarer of the winery Freiherr von Landenberg in Ediger-Eller.


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