Meggendorfer's International Circus

310202  J. F. Schreiber, Eßlingen and Munich, n.d. (probably 1901). Lothar Meggendorfers Internationaler Circus (Lothar Meggendorfer’s International Circus). No. 104. Fanfold book with illustrated title, 8 color plates, of which 6 have pop-up sceneries, and 2 fold-out side panels. Red cloth-backed book. Design: Lothar Meggendorfer (1847-1925). Chromolithography. 330x1813 mm (spread out flat). 1901?
Lit.: Münchner Stadtmuseum [1980] pp. 15-16 and no. 72 (other edition); Krahé, Spielwelt [1983] no. 68 (other edition); Bilderwelt [1988] 2076; Ries [1992] p. 53 Rem. 6 and p. 711 no. 42.
All parts - the supplemented ring of Clara Springerl excepted (pl. 2) - are original. What we have here is the enlarged edition. The book should be set up in a half circle. Much has been written about this, we’ll just quote H. Krahé in the catalogue of the Munich museum (own translation): The last and, as to me, the most prominent book is the International Circus [...]. The conservation in detail: pl. 1 (the ring of fire) tiny defect in the upper border, pl. 3-4 (clown August and the high school of equestrian art) the donkey reverse strengthened by tape, pl. 5 (the Japanese party) the reverse of the legs, of the costumed child and of the pole strengthened by cardboard or tape, pl. 6 (the Bravo siblings) the raised hand of the sister strengthened by cardboard, the edge of her dress and of her left leg somewhat damaged.
Corners and edges rubbed, front cover somewhat soiled, stain on the (empty) back cover, otherwise see below.  


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