Magnets for the fridge

"There is no point in drowning worries in alcohol, because worries are good swimmers." That's what the Austrian writer Robert Musil is supposed to have said. Well, if that's the case. Then we'll dispense with the full bottles here and just show you the enchanting historical labels of all kinds of high-proof spirits made to an old recipe, often from Prussia, by the way. Instead of sticking on bottles, the labels now stick on magnets and thus decorate every fridge.

The strong magnets with historical seal marks measure 5.6 by 8 cm and are covered with bookbinding linen in different colours.

Each of these objects from Cornelia Kurtz's workshop is unique. Rummaged up by Cartobook in forgotten boxes and drawers, the individual paper antiques now enter the public domain and seem as fresh now as they did when they were made and distributed with care.



$ 10.19

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