Mägdesprung in former days

310383 GENRE, TRADES, GEOGRAPHY E.H. Schroeder, Unter den Linden 23, Jagor’s house, Berlin. Mägdesprung. Overall view with commemorative column. Design: Ludwig Eduard Lütke (1801-1850). Lith. colored with gouache & enhanced with varnish. 150x224 mm. Backs: Plain. Circa 1850.
General view of the small Harz town with its obelisk. Mägdesprung ironworks became noticeable in the course of the 18th century, and the city developed to a center of art casting at the begin of the 19th century. As a token of that industry an obelisk made of 4 casting plates was erected in 1812 - and rebuilt in 2012 after the original. The art publishing company of E.H. Schroeder was founded in 1832. Magnificent coloring, bright tones.
Trimmed to the picture edge (original state), very good conservation.  

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