Little Pocket Almanac for 1737

Believe it or not, it has been 282 years since this little richly embroidered pocket calendar was published. It comes from Liege. The city in today's Belgium was then a prince-bishopric and belonged to Holy Roman Empire. Prince-bishop Georges Louis de Berghes himself has granted the privilege to print our almanac. It records the anniversaries of the aristocratic families in Europe, the dates of the fairs and markets in various countries, the schedules of the Imperial stagecoaches and other useful things. Blank leaves that are bound in offer space for personal notices. It is just unimaginable to think of the many persons that had it in their hands.

310118 Maker: Veuve (Widow) Procureur, Liège. Le Petit Almanach de Poche Pour [...] M. D. CC. XXXVII. (The Little Pocket Almanac for 1737). 50 ll., partly interfoliated with white leaves. Bound in light-blue silk, both boards embroidered with colorful flowers in a frame of silver-sheathed yarn. The spine is also with such a yarn decorated. 102x43 mm. 1737.
Edges and corners of the binding rubbed, some soiling.


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