Le Tarot Divinatoire

011358 Librairie Hermétique, Paris. Le Tarot Divinatoire par le Dr Papus. Design: Gabriel Goulinat (1883-1972). 76/78 (3 = The Empress and 71 = 7 of Coins missing). Line block, 160x103 mm (Trumps) resp. 160x95 mm, rounded corners, 1 index mark. Backs: Plain red. 1909.
Lit.: Kaplan I 211; DDD [1996] pp. 256-261, ill. on pl. 15 and dust jacket; Cartomancie [2019] pp. 67-69.
Papus (Dr Gérard Encausse, 1865-1916) in „Le tarot divinatoire“ encourages readers to cut out the images from the book and glue them on cardboard to make them into real cards: this is exactly what happened with our pack. Our first edition is rather rare, a hand-colored copy was reprinted by Editions Dusserre in 1992.
2 backs somewhat damaged, worn.

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