Kirchhainer Lehrspiele

310458 GAMES Kirchhainer Lehrspiele (Kirchhain educational games), Owner Artur Müller, Kirchhain. Ein Licht geht auf. Das lehrreiche Unterhaltungsspiel für Jung und Alt (A light goes on. The instructive entertainment game for young and old). Wooden box with illustrated sliding lid, inside with 2 plugs, a red light and 8 two-sided quiz sheets on differently colored paper. 287x317 mm (box), 209x295 mm (sheets). 1954.
Lit.: See
The questions are on the left and the answers on the right side of the sheets, they are perforated to uncover the electrical sockets below. If the answer is correct, the circuit closes and the light comes on. The topics include literature, technology, geography, arithmetic, sports and music. The game instructions are pasted on the inside of the cover.
Pressure marks of a removed writing on the lid, the old 3 volt battery replaced with a new one, otherwise very good conservation and in working order.

$ 62.26

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