Spiel und Arbeit: How to set up a herbarium

310559 Otto Maier, Ravensburg. Printed by Carl Liebich, Stuttgart. Martin Kohler: Herbarium... (Herbarium. Brief instructions on how to set up a herbarium along with instructions on collecting, identifying, and observing plants.)

With the additions: 466 labels of the most important plant names, 30 labels of the plant families, etc. From the collection „Spiel und Arbeit“ (Play and work) 24th volume. Second edition. 102 pp. with 103 bw ill. + 18 n.n. ill. pp. of publisher’s advertisements. Ill. covers. Line block, relief halftone and type. 225x155 mm. 1909.
The additional insert is a sheet with 42 labels to cut out. Nicely illustrated publisher’s advertisements.
Borders of the covers creased, one layer loose.

$ 56.60

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