Germany's fruit varieties

310182 BOXES Maker: Johannes Müller-Diemitz and Otto Bißmann-Gotha. Deutschland’s Obstsorten (Germany’s fruit varieties). Book-like casket, illustrated title, partly gilt, on front board, title on spine, edges lined with marbled paper (Dutch marble), brass clasp. Inside 5 original booklets (295x215 mm) on pears (4) and apples. Eckstein and Stähle, Stuttgart. 330x280 mm. 1913.
The length of publication extended from 1905 till 1934. In our box are issues of the years 1906 (no. 5 & 6), 1912 (25 & 26) and 1913 (32). Each one describes 4 varieties and contains beside 4 illustrated text pages a black-and-white plate (reproduction in relief halftone of a photo of the tree) and a chromolithographic (color) plate (the fruit with branch and leaves). Among them Großherzog Friedrich von Baden, Williams Christbirne (Williams’ Bon Chrétien pear), Forellenbirne (Forelle pear), Prinzessin Marianne, Napoleons Butterbirne...

Upper joint partly split, binding somewhat rubbed, the booklets in their original covers (3 detached and repaired, slight crease), a booklet faintly stained.

$ 430.17

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