Game "L´oncle d´Amérique" from 1946

310564 GAMES Miro Company, Paris. L’oncle d’Amérique (The uncle from America). Ill. game board with all necessary accessories: 30 shares, 20 headlines of the newspaper „La Trompette du Soir“ (The Evening Trumpet), 21 cards with the market value of the shares, 2 dice, numerous banknotes of 100, 500 and 1,000, and 31 round wooden chips of 5,000 (24 pcs., 30 mm diameter) and 10,000 (7, 34 mm). Design: Harry O. Todd. 310x370 mm (box), 300x350 mm (game board). 1947.
Lit.: AdT 10 (Febr. 2002) S. 11-15;

The lid is turned upside down, the box („Kiosque à journaux“ = Newsstand) is placed inside, then the game board is put on the long edge of them. The game was published in 1946 by Parker Brothers under the name „Rich Uncle“, Miro adapted, produced and sold it for France. Our Uncle Saccassous (Rich Uncle Pennybags) is inspired by Mr. Monopoly.
In the slightly soiled original ill. box, ill. folder of rules (faintly creased), very good conservation.  

$ 124.52

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