Game "Chicago" from 1940

310563 GAMES Miro Company, Paris. Chicago. Ill. game board, mounted on leather paper and folded, plus 4 differently colored robbers made of plastic, fleeing with loot, 24 running policemen in black with gun, also made of plastic, and 61 red houses made of wood. Design: Jean Malherbe. 237x347 mm (box), 446x449 mm (game board). 1940.
Lit.: AdT 10 (Febr. 2002) pp. 11-15;
The little houses and the robbers are complete. Since the game instructions do not specify quantities, the number of policemen originally present is uncertain, but sufficient for playing. The 61 little houses are randomly distributed on the 61 reddish brown squares, they are variously marked on the bottom: Police (24 pcs.), Voleur (robber, 2), Banque (bank, 4), Armes (arms, 2), Avion (plane, 1), Auto (car, 4), 100,000 (4), 50,000 (4), 20,000 (8), and 10,000 (8).
In the original ill. box (somewhat soiled and damaged), the rules of the game torn through, from the green robber the head is missing, from the 24 policemen 6 are damaged (4 with broken but existing parts, and 2 incomplete).  

$ 62.26

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