French oracle from 1880

011652 Coyen, éd. (éditeur = publisher), Paris. L’Oracle pour tous. Jeu de Cartes Comiques par Demandes et Réponses (Oracle for all. Funny game of cards with questions and answers). Design: Bernard Coudert (drawing), H. Jannin (lithograph). Hand- & stencil-col. chalk lith., enhanced with varnish, 278x357 mm. Backs: Plain, without imprint. Circa 1880.

In the center a young woman in a dress made, like her fan and her diadem, of French-suited playing-cards, the so-called Cartière (cardmaker), registered as a trademark by Grimaud in 1891, behind her a pensive devil, all around all kinds of people looking into the cards. reproduces our sheet and calls it the cover illustration of a game. According to the same Coyen was active from 1868 till 1900.

Very good conservation.


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