Fortune-telling deck

Kolberg grew to one of the largest German Baltic sea spas until 1933 (wiki, own translation). As a result a whole production of care products developed there. So our fortune-telling deck, made of only text prophecies, is just a pretence for the changing advertising messages at the backs. They almost exclusively come from the Aok works, the Kosmodont society, the Javol works and C. Lücks, all based in Kolberg (the Aok products by pharmacist Anhalt [Aok = Anhalt Ostseebad Kolberg, Ostseebad = Baltic sea spa] are still around today): the famous Aok-Seesand-Mandelkleie (Aok sea sand almond flour), Kosmodont-Zahncreme (tooth paste), C. Lücks Knoblauchperlen (garlic pearls), hair-care products Javol...

310237 Maker unknown, Kołobrzeg (Kolberg). Fortune-telling deck advertising Aok-Seesand-Mandelkleie (Aok sea sand almond flour), Kosmodont-Zahncreme (tooth paste)... 32, complete. Line block and type in orange and black, square corners, no index mark. 82x57 mm. Backs: Ads of care products: Pythia sits behind a smoking bowl between columns and presents changing text ads. Circa 1900.

Slightly worn.  

$ 135.84

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