Folding box "Maison du Pont Neuf"

"Congratulations!" High on horseback, a rider delivers the good wishes to the couple. But one thing is strange. In this (theatre) scene, children in Breton costume play the leading role. Apparently they are imitating a ritual of the adults. The chromolithograph "Bretagne" comes from a series of the department stores' "Maison du Pont Neuf" from around 1900. But because the card has lost the others, it now adorns this handmade hinged box and tirelessly continues to deliver congratulations to whoever got hold of the unique piece.

The folding box made of sturdy cardboard is covered with linen and paper from Carta Varese and is 16.5 cm wide, 12 cm deep and 5 cm high. It has feet made of red felt.

Each of the objects from Cornelia Kurtz's workshop is unique. Rummaged up by Cartobook in forgotten boxes and drawers, the individual paper antiques now appear in public and seem as fresh now as they did when they were made and distributed with care. And already their "second life" begins. Right here!

$ 62.26

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