Fancy cards "L'univers à table"

L’univers à table. Cartes de fantaisie (The world at the table. Fancy cards). On each card we see 2 bare-chested and bare-footed putti preparing and eating a typical dish of the country. Let’s start with France: Here, a rooster is roasted on a campfire, with the words „FRANCE (Champ [sic, for Camp] de Chalons) on the back.“ The Châlons-sur-Marne camp was a military parade and training ground, inaugurated by Napoleon III in 1857 and still in use today (see wiki). We continue with Switzerland (cheese fondue), Italy (a huge mountain of noodles), Spain (olla podrida), Germany („choucroute“ = sauerkraut), England (plum pudding), Russia (a whole bear on a spit), China („le Chien Savoureux“ = the tasty dog), etc., until New Caledonia, where the natives prepare to eat a human leg.

011445 Ch. D. L’univers à table. Cartes de fantaisie. Design: Mariani. 25 cards, complete. Chromolith., 60x96 mm, square corners, gilt edge. Backs: Name of a country and in some cases short designation. Circa 1870. Our box is marked „Ch. D. Bté S.G.D.G.“ (Breveté Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement = Patented without Government Guarantee), all cards are signed „MARIANI“.

The Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris has a similar pack with the same title, the same number of cards and the same dimensions. But there it is attributed to the lithographer Auguste Lauronce and dated 1873 (unfortunately we were not able to get pictures).

Somewhat damaged illustrated OCase, almost mint - slightly worn.


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