Family register Franz Stahl

310078  Family register of Franz Stahl, Berlin. Casket with a raised decor in color (flowers and ornaments) and gilt bands. The lid flips open and has on the inside a mirror. Enclosed are a cover sheet of stronger cardboard showing a lithographed genre scene and 25 leaves with handwritten contributions in ink. 98x149 mm. 1864.

Most entries are from Berlin in 1847 (12). Further on 1861 (1), 1864 (2) and undated (2, of which one with a plaited wreath of hair sewed on. Represented are the names Winter, Finger, Tippel, Lück, Güldenapfel... The owner has added biographical notes in pencil at the back of some leaves, for example on Hermann Stahl who started to work in a bank, escaped home with 17 and went to sea, suffered shipwreck on the French coast, managed to save himself by swimming and wandered back to Germany. He arrived in rags and poor as dirt in Essen, met his later wife by walking in the city, hired in Krupp’s cast steel factory and worked his way up to a head of department. Or on Albert Stahl: youngest son, suffered of epileptic seizures, becam a turner and died 29 years old of pulmonary and throat tuberculosis.

Lacks at the gilt bands, the cover picture somewhat rubbed.


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