Family album "Grandma Teubner"

310194 Cardboard case. The boards are lined with blind-stamped glossy paper showing a motif of stylized leaves in silver and green, they are also, together with the spine, richly adorned with gilt ornaments. The cover sheet of stronger cardboard shows 2 women under a tree in a gilt frame. The case contains circa 30 inscribed leaves and circa 30 empty ones, the latter in various pastel shades. Gilt edge. Hand-colored lithography (cover sheet). 94x155 mm. Circa 1845.
A descendant has identified the owner and written some details in ink and pencil on the inside cover. The family album used to belong to „Oma Teubner“ (Grandma Teubner), born Adler, and her mother Amalie Adler, born Rümpler, born in Mühlhausen January 28, 1830, died Georgenthal in Thuringia in 1917 and buried there. Almost all entries are from Mühlhausen in the years 1846-1854, they were made mainly in 1848 and 1849. A leaf is ornated with a small drawing in Indian ink and watercolor.  
2 corner ornaments and a gilt band missing, corners and edges slightly rubbed.

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