Embroidery pattern of Luise of Palombini II

310234 Ludwig Wilhelm Wittich, Oberwall u. Jägerstr. Ecke Nº 13, Berlin. Floral band. Top right: 491. In the margins, handwritten (ink) numbering of the stitches & signature of the former owner: [Luise v.] „Palombini“. Gouache and watercolor on copper engraved screen. 119x270 mm. Backs: Plain. Circa 1825.
Luise von Palombini (1807-1832), the oldest of 5 children of the Italian general Giuseppe Federico or Josef Friedrich [von] Palombini (1774-1850), who first fights in Italy on the side of the Republicans, and later serves in the Italian corps of the Grande Armée in the war against Prussia & Sweden (siege of Stralsund 1807). He then becomes a divisional in Spain and eventually returns to Italy in 1813. When the Napoleonic Empire crumbles away in 1814, he accepts the offer to go over to the Austrian army and obtains the rank of a field marshal lieutenant. He spends the rest of his life on an estate of his wife Caroline, a daughter of the Polish general and fighter for the freedom of Poland Jan Henryk Dombrowski (Dabrowski), in Grochwitz (near Herzberg/Elster in Saxony), which might well explain the German origin of our embroidery patterns (own investigations plus informations supplied by Dr. Camillo v. Palombini, Berlin).
Small tears in the margins.  

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