The prophecies of the little gipsy

310239 Saussine, Paris. La bonne aventure de la petite Bohémienne (The prophecies of the little gipsy). Magnetic fortune-telling game. Varied queries regarding the future on 2 disks are given answers by means of an arm that points to one of the 7 boxes with illustrated lid (matchbox size)arranged around it. Each one contains 6 lithographed slips with the answers. Design: R. Vion. Color lith. Circa 220x270x55 mm. Circa 1900.
The picture on the lid of the wooden box is a color lithography signed by a „R. Vion“. The instructions are pasted on the inside of the lid.
Edges of the box somewhat rubbed, the knobs used to hold the disks replaced, otherwise original.  


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