Die Heinzelmännchen von Köln

310066 Maker: Dalemär, Dorotheenstr. 1-3, Bonn. August Kopisch: Das lebende Märchen. Die Heinzelmännchen von Köln (The living tale. The Cologne brownies). Illustrated covers and 3 leaves with moving parts. Wire-stitched. Color lith. 175x273 mm. 1947. 

The brownies from Cologne work at night for the carpenter, the baker, butcher, wine cooper and the tailor until the curious tailor’s wife scares them away. Since then men must work by themselves. Each leaf shows pictures of 2 trades that can be moved by side tabs. The printing licence is dated from Nov. 6, 1946, the offset print by Rudolf Glaudo, Wuppertal-Barmen, from Feb. 1947 (edition of 30,000). 

Covers slightly soiled and edges somewhat bumped, a folding mark at the tab of the 1st leaf and a small marginal tear, the mechanism of the 3rd leaf sticks a little bit because of a small folding mark. 


$ 158.48

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