The erudite swallow

310062 Maker: Léon Saussine, Paris (publisher); H. Jannin, Paris (printer); Louis Scherer (illustrator). L’ Hirondelle Savante. Jeu Géographique (The erudite swallow. Geographical game). Magnetic game of questions and answers in a box with illustrated lid. The game board is pasted on glass, it shows soldiers of different nations in the corners: France, Germany, Great Britain and Turkey. An arrow, disguised as a swallow, supplies the answers to questions which are asked with the help of 2 circles with small bone handles: the green circle focusses on capitals, the red one additionally on population numbers and more general topics, such as: What is geography? Chalk lith. 225x277 mm. Circa 1880. 

Russia’s capital is St. Petersburg, Norway’s is Christiania and Turkey’s Constantinople. The rules are on the inside of the lid. 

Corners and edges of the box somewhat rubbed and bumped, the lid with some soiling. 



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