Jocular ducks

6 jocular pictures, among them Le Canard d’Avril [The April canard, bespectacled fish in the grass near the water, a double pun, for the French April fool is a fish], or Le Canard journaliste [The duck as a journalist, duck with a clay pipe in its beak], or also 2 nails on a cushion (coming from the Trojan Horse)...

310180 PICTORIAL SHEETS Maker: Lith. Becquet fr. [Brothers], Paris. Vve [Widow] Mayer, rue de la Vieille Monnaie 22, Paris (publisher). Les Canards [The ducks or the canards]. Hand-colored chalk lithography, enhanced with varnish. 267x428 mm. Backs: Plain. Circa 1860.
2 faint folding marks, very good conservation.

$ 203.77

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