Designs for wall decorations

310484 Wilhelm Thöt. Group of 4 designs for floor and / or wall decorations and for a courtyard gate. Indian ink and watercolor. From 400x500 to 440x565 mm. 1888-1889.
All designs are signed „W. Thöt“, „Wilh. Thöt“ and „Wilhelm Thöt“ respectively. They must have been executed, because three of them bear the note „Angefangen den...“ (Started + date) and „Beendet den...“ (Finished + date) with dates between April 22, 1888 and January 13, 1889. A „W. Thöt“ from Altental (Hesse, northeast of Frankfurt) participated in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71, and the name is still common in Hesse.

Small marginal tears, some crease in the borders.  

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