Das Berliner Tivoli

PICTORIAL SHEETS Gustav Kühn, Neuruppin. Das Berliner Tivoli mit der sanften Rutschpartie. Wiederdruck zur 150jährigen Jubiläumsfeier (Berlin’s Tivoli with the soft slide. Reprinted on the occasion of the 150th anniversary). View of the pleasance, in the background the Kreuzberg monument. Design: W. G. Hand-col. lith. 418x340 mm. Backs: Plain. 1925.
Lit.: Fraenger 34.
The amusement park Tivoli was opened in 1829.
Lacks of paper in 2 (white) corners (repaired), horizontal folding mark through the middle, faint crease in the margins, the tips of 3 corners brown-stained.  

$ 169.81

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