Cyclop cognac from Wroclaw

Magnet with an advertisement in the shape of a bottle of "CYCLOP Cognac G.Philippi & C. Breslau". The label must date from before the First World War, because after that the French name Cognac was not allowed for a German product. Wroclaw was placed under Polish administration after World War II in 1945. The cardboard is covered with Japanese satogami paper and equipped with a strong magnet.

CK 0013 Length 10.7 cm Width 4.8 cm

Each of these objects from Cornelia Kurtz's workshop is unique. Tracked down by Cartobook in forgotten boxes and drawers, the individual paper antiques now enter the public domain and seem as fresh now as they did when they were made and distributed with care. And already their "second life" begins. Right here!




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