Calender 1850

310080 Maker: Heinrich Jung, Kreuznach. Agenda. Aus der Etuis- und Portefeuilles-Fabrik v. H. Jung in Creuznach. 1 white leaf, title, 96 pp., 1 white leaf. Leather-backed boards closing with the joined pencil through 4 leather loops. The covers are lined with white glossy paper framed with gilt ornaments. The front cover has a bead-work decor (flowers on blue background), the inside of the back cover a folding pocket (for visiting cards etc.) Gilt edge. 136x83 mm. Circa 1850.
Heinrich Jung took part in the „Provinzial-Gewerbe-Ausstellung für Rheinland und Westphalen“ (industrial exhibition for Rhineland and Westphalia) in Düsseldorf in 1852 (Google). The title is a lithography in red chalk and gilt. It is followed by the months named in French and adorned with a head-piece in changing colors (each month has 8 pp.)  
Very good conservation.

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