Box in red

Small hinged box with padded interior. The body is lined with cover fabric and historical coloured paper and has appliqués of paper lace on the outside and inside of the lid. Around the corpus a banner in French that encourages puzzling: Un fragment d'epiderme.Etaler sur une lame. Epiderme d'oignon. Détacher avec un canif. (A fragment of epidermis.Spread on a blade. Onion skin. Cut off with a penknife).

Length 9 cm Width 7.5 cm Height 3.7 cm

Each of these objects from Cornelia Kurtz's workshop is unique. Tracked down by Cartobook in forgotten boxes and drawers, the individual paper antiques now enter the public domain and seem as fresh now as they did when they were made and distributed with care. And already their "second life" begins. Right here!


$ 62.26

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