Blank menu cards 1890

310413 MENUS AND TABLE ACCESSORIES Phosphatine Falières, Libourne. Printed by Goupil & Cie, Paris. 3 illustrated blank menu cards of Phosphatine Falières from the series „L’orange à travers le monde“ (Orange throughout the world), here represented by Spain, Hindustan and Siam and Cambodia. IN ADDITION: an illustrated trading card with the La Fontaine fable „Le chêne et le roseau“ (The oak and the reed). Design: Louis Chalon (1866-1916). Color line block. 180x130 mm. Backs: Menu, vegetable border and small child with a bottle of phosphatine. Circa 1890.
Phosphatine was invented by the pharmacist Pierre Émile Falières (1833-1908) from Libourne near Bordeaux. It is a nutritional supplement for infants and young children. Goupil & Cie was a major international art publisher, nowadays it is an auction house.
Faint occasional soiling.  

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