Bitter nasty mock card

Double sheet whose 1st leaf is cut out in the form of a young woman with crinoline. It unfolds and we see how the dress with its substructure hides a very skinny woman. On the first side: "In style and elegance no one can surpass you. The very class of fashion you must be. I scarcely know in what form yet to class you. Your equal sure, I never yet did see." And on the inside: "But oh what crinoline and bones will do, To make a form divine of one that's Skinny. So I'll expose your weakness to the view, That you may neer catch any but a ninny." On the back handwritten in ink: „Received from Dover to day Hope Father and you are well The Bird got safe good bye“.

310528 Color lithography. 125x75 mm. Circa 1870.
Some crease and soiling.  

$ 62.26

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